Red Horse
Upcoming Events
25-10 Jul-Aug
Pennsic War 2014

Aethelmearc - Slippery Rock, PA

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Countdown to War Week: Expired

22-24 Aug
Manuscripts at the Abbey

Kingdom of Atlantia - Chesterfield, Va

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12-14 Sep
Randy Rooster Tavern Brawl

Shire of Montevale - Fannettsburg, PA

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26-28 Sep
Siege of Glengary XIX

Shire of Sylvan Glen - Kearneysville, WV

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26-28 Sep
Bacon Wars II

Barony of Tir-y-Don - Jamaica, VA

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The Black Dragon Company is a mercenary household within the Society for Creative Anachronism with members in the East Kingdom, Atlantia, and Aethelmearc. Our members are skilled in the arts of warfare, science, and service. In the following pages, you can meet our members, learn from their experiences, and see what it means to be a dragon.

Mercenary households are not restrained by political or geographical boundaries, instead, our loyalties are chosen based on those which bring enjoyment to the game, or hire our services. This is a practical solution to the question of being a "king's man" when the membership of our household spans three separate Kingdoms. This does not mean that our members do not participate with their local groups, or that a mercenary household is without honor or other virtues. In fact, several members hold local offices and have run kingdom events. We take our honor very seriously, both upon the field of battle, and off of it.

While mercenary households are primarily formed to participate in melee combat, our house also welcomes artisans of all kinds, as well as those devoted to the service of the society. We camp together at events and regularly host private functions to celebrate holidays or to work on group projects. It is by pooling our talents and resources that we become greater than the sum of our parts.

Aethelmaearc Atlantia East Kingdom