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25-10 Jul-Aug
Pennsic War 2014

Aethelmearc - Slippery Rock, PA

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Countdown to War Week: Expired

22-24 Aug
Manuscripts at the Abbey

Kingdom of Atlantia - Chesterfield, Va

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12-14 Sep
Randy Rooster Tavern Brawl

Shire of Montevale - Fannettsburg, PA

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26-28 Sep
Siege of Glengary XIX

Shire of Sylvan Glen - Kearneysville, WV

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26-28 Sep
Bacon Wars II

Barony of Tir-y-Don - Jamaica, VA

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Alana - ImageLady Alana Urquhart joined the SCA in 2003 with the College of Rencester after meeting the group at William and Mary’s activities fair. While at the College of Rencester she served 3 years as the College’s Seneschal and head cook for their spring event. After a very brief stay in the Barony of Ponte Alto, Alana returned to make her home in Tir-y-don.

A fan of many different cultures and time periods, she has not settled on a particular persona but has researched Indian, Persian, Welsh, Scottish, Roman, Italian, English, and Mongolian. All of these varied interests have helped Alana gain an appreciation for the differences and similarities that define each culture.

Alana is an accomplished seamstress, cook, and enthusiastic volunteer. Her organizational skills have helped her run events and feasts smoothly even when the unexpected occurs. She is often found in the kitchen during events and is usually one of the last to leave after everything has been cleaned up.

Within the household, Alana is recognized for her donation of Culligan water filters at Pennsic and waterbearing for the fighters on the field. Recently, she has built an arbalist for war and has purchased a pavilion for use as a dayshade for events.

Alana has served the Barony of Tir-y-don as the Seneschal, autocrat for both local and kingdom level events, Pennsic camp coordinator, and has sought ways to serve at all events she attends. Alana is authorized in fencing, siege engines, and combat archery; she has served as the Tir-y-don Baronial Rapier Champion. Alana avidly attends arts and sciences and scriptorium and has taught leather working. She has been recognized with The Order of the Opal, an Award of Arms, Augmentation of Arms, and a Swan and Cygnet.

Alana currently resides in the Barony of Highland Foorde and has served as the head cook for Highland River Melees 2013 and will be the autocrat for HRM 2014. She recently ran the mobility assistance program (D.A.R.T.) at Pennsic 42

Alana is currently proteged to Mistress Oriana of Xylina from the Kingdom of Atlantia