Red Horse
Upcoming Events
25-10 Jul-Aug
Pennsic War 2014

Aethelmearc - Slippery Rock, PA

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Countdown to War Week: Expired

22-24 Aug
Manuscripts at the Abbey

Kingdom of Atlantia - Chesterfield, Va

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12-14 Sep
Randy Rooster Tavern Brawl

Shire of Montevale - Fannettsburg, PA

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26-28 Sep
Siege of Glengary XIX

Shire of Sylvan Glen - Kearneysville, WV

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26-28 Sep
Bacon Wars II

Barony of Tir-y-Don - Jamaica, VA

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Working at KASF2010

In this section are the past works that I've completed. From time to time, other projects may be showcased here as well and I will do my best to give credit to everyone who takes part in the creative process. For the most part, the images are arranged from my most recent work, to older. Unfortunately, these images represent a small part of what I've done. Due to the theft of a computer several years ago, my earliest work has been lost.

The portfolio has been changed so that Silverlight is no longer required to view the photos. The new method allows you to arrow back and forth through the photos. Images are still being shown generally in the order created from newest to oldest. It should be noted that the scale of images is not consistent throughout, so some scrolls which were very small appear larger than actual size.

Elsa de Lyon Laurel 1 Elsa de Lyon Laurel 2 Baron Siegfried Quoyne Bjorn Marriage Proposal Alena of the Ilex Pelican Eoin AoA Jean Claude Pelican 1 Jean Claude Pelican 2 Baroness Inga Pearl Scroll Lord Mungo Napier Yew Bow Scroll Alana Illumination Alana AOA King David bob Solvarr's Writ Barbary Opal Sume-i Fan Jdeke Opal Isabele Opal 5 Ludwig Missilier Bloodlines Whelk Bloodlines Otter Bloodlines Orca Kaleeb Pearl 7